Construction Presentations

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Smart Crow Construction Presentation Services sees the BIG PICTURE of the role of presentations in branding and business development – that success in today’s business climate is often the result of state-of-the-art presentations.

We are masters in Communications Management and have expert-level skills in all PowerPoint and Keynote environments. We transform presentations from boring to brilliant:

  •  Helping you win big and set you apart from the competition.
  • Tailor-made, branded presentations
  • Engaging visuals to capture attention
  • Compelling messages to tell your story
  • Illustrations, diagrams, and infographics
  • Animation, interactivity and multimedia

Are you creating presentations that are as effective as they can be? Smart Crow can equip you with the tools and know-how to improve the quality of the presentations you create, enabling better results from your Smart Crow-powered video presentations and other communications. The Presentation Creation Accelerator includes three components to improve your presentation skills and deliverables: PowerPoint Template, PowerPoint Toolkit, and PowerPoint Skills Training.

Use Templates to Improve Branding

Do you need a more professional and consistent background for your Smart Crow and other PowerPoint content? We’ll work with you to provide a fully programmed, easy-to-use PowerPoint template, based on your brand guidelines, design feedback, and sound design principles.

With our PowerPoint Template service, we’ll help you incorporate your corporate look and feel into a new background design that provides an impressive backdrop to your slides. Whether we develop a completely new design or build upon your existing PowerPoint material, you’ll receive a template that includes enhanced features such as an animated title bar, fully-programmed design scheme, and the correct color palette and corporate font(s) for your slides.

Using a consistent PowerPoint template ensures that all of the content any of your team creates will follow the right “look and feel” by default, making it easy to design slides that are consistent with your brand.

Leverage a Professional Graphics Library

Do your slides lack the professional graphics needed to convey your company and message in the best light? We will custom design a selection of graphic elements and deliver them in a structured, branded PowerPoint Toolkit so your presenters are able to assemble their own professional-looking slides quickly and easily. The easy-to-use, branded toolkit encourages everyone to create visually striking PowerPoint presentations, and raises the standard of video and live presentation content across your organization as a whole.

Create More Effective Presentations

Smart Crow’s PowerPoint Services will provide you with the ability to move away from bullet points and toward more effective, engaging, visually oriented presentations. Building your organization’s own internal capacity to create great slides will ensure that you benefit from a long-lasting uplift in the quality of your internal and external communications.

Key Benefits

  • Increase the impact of your Smart Crow  and non-Smart Crow presentation content
  • Implement standards across your presentations that ensure a consistent look and feel
  • Empower your people to create better presentations on their own
  • Improve productivity by reducing the time required to create effective presentations