Simplify Your Contracting Business!

construction-marketing-loaderComing from the construction industry ourselves, Smart Crow Construction Marketing & Business Strategies understands how difficult it is to run the business side of your company while working at your company. Architects design, contractors build but without a fully staffed back office, the operation side of your business has you stretched to the limit. Let Smartcrow's automation services lighten your back office workload and allow you to run your business smoother!





Virtual Office

Get the back office support you need without the back office cost. A virtual office provides communication and administrative services that allow construction industry professionals to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. Read More!

Customer Relationship Management

Whether your business needs a simple contact management system which integrates emails, documents, jobs, faxes, and scheduling for individual accounts or full software integration with salesforce monitoring and accounting software, Smartcrow has software solutions that manage customer relationships. Read More!



Quickbooks For Contractors

QuickBooks helps you efficiently manage your contracting business by making bookkeeping, estimating, invoicing, and tracking easy. Access all of your accounting data directly from the field via your handheld device so that you have a handle on your business 24/7. QuickBooks construction accounting software even makes complex tasks like tracking sub-contractor invoices, billing clients by job phase, and running profitability reports easy. Read More!

Credit Card Processing

The construction industry is competitive and getting tougher every day. To maximize sales and profits, you need to offer payment options that are fast, flexible and cost efficient. Credit/Debit Cards allow customers to pay quickly and reliably, so your profits rise. Credit cards continue to rank highly as a consumer payment preference. At Smartcrow, we offer complete swipe-to-settlement services for both debit and credit card transactions. Read More!